About Us

General Dyeing

We dye vats, sulfurs, napthols, and pigments. Prices are available upon request.
Maximum width on 100% cotton and cotton dye only is 72". We process 100% cotton. 


Water repellent and mildew resistance to meet various military specifications.
Durable water repellents, such as Zepel and Scotchguard.  Durable and non-durable flame retardants to meet various specifications. 

Napping & Sanding

Napping and sanding up to 72". Samples available upon request. 


Open width desizing, scouring and bleaching up to 72" greige width with or without opitical brightener. 

Shrinkage Control

Pre-shrink cotton and poly/cotton blends to 2/3% residual shrinkage. 


Sunforger is a mineral dyed, water-repellent, mildew and rot resistant finish  designed for outdoor uses such as boatcovers, tents, awnings, and camper tops.  While Sunforger is designed for 100% cotton fabrics, we mineral dye poly/cotton blends.  Maximum width for Sunforger is 68" greiges.