At MF&H, we're out to make your days brighter.
  Whether you have 5,000 yards or 500,000 yards,
  we'll process your goods to the highest quality
  standards, and give you a fast turn around.
     We specialize in continuous piece dyeing of
  woven fabrics from 5 to 24oz/sq yd. And because
  we do a lot of government work, we've adapted their
  demanding specifications to everything we produce.
     Our many specialities include the popular  
  Sunforger® finish, as well as flame retardant, 
  water-repellent and mildew-resistant  processes.  
  We also do bleaching and napping. Plus we 
  welcome  special projects.
     At MF&H, our high standards of quality assure the
  job will be done right each and every time.
            Our process is continuous.
            Our dedication is endless.
   Our Perfomance you don't want to miss.

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